Registration of Inmates for G.C.E Exams 2020 in Cameroon

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Operation Total Impact successfully registered some inmates today who are physical, psychologically and academically prepared to sit for the Government Certificate of Education (G.C.E) Ordinary level exams come June 2020. This students where registered as external candidates in Government High School (G.H.S) Bokwango. Following encouraging and tremendous results from previous years, Operation Total Impact is another step ahead in Transforming Prison Yards into Dormitory School. We say “YES”, Education is possible in the very heart of detention. It has been tested and approved by the record breaking results of previous years and the impact the prison school has on the lives of these inmates as they are integrated back into the community.
Join us and cut down crimes in our communities.

Operation Total Impact reentry program of Transforming Prison Yards into Dormitory School has helped reduced the rate at which inmates who have been released find themselves back in Prison. Preparing this prisoners to have a second chance in life through a transformational education system well design not only to prepare the inmates to write exams and pass, but also to train them to become good and morally upright citizens who will contribute towards the development of their communities and country at large.

Peace and Security

Transforming these inmates is a Proactive measure to help mitigate and control crimes in our communities. We can better achieve this with the support from the community, government and international Organisations.

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