Operation Total Impact was founded by Rev. Sama Raphael NDAGHU in 2008 and it operated as an ARM in the United Pentecostal Church in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. Then, it was a project fully sponsored by United Pentecostal Church as a christian movement.  It was established as out of church program in 2012 and registered in 2014 as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) registered under Cameroon law N0 289/G.37/C.84/VOLII/SAo AJP, 

Since 2010, Operation Total Impact (OTI) has distinguished herself as the premier civil society organization to obtain an official authorization from the penitentiary authorities to start Prison Schools leading up to preparation of inmates to seat in the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Examinations (GCE) Ordinary and Advance Levels, CAP, and Baccalaureate.

OTI (Operation Total Impact) is a civil society organization which started its activities in 2012 and legally registered in 2014 in Cameroon with Registration NO 289/G.37/C.84/VOLII/SAo AJP, with head office in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. OTI is focused peace and security and has designed a couple of programs inorder to realize its vision. OTI is made up of National and International Members who came together to assist in reaching its vision. OTI Team is made up of young vibrant, committed and enthusiastic members working together to achieve its goals. OTI has a decentralized system of operation makes it possible for OTI to operate in different areas without the presence of the President.

Operation Total Impact has developed well designed and calculated programs working simultaneously to assist in mitigating and controlling crimes in Africa.

These programs are The Prison School program which is focused on reformation of inmates in preparation of reentry into the society thereby reducing the chance for them to go back to same crime they where doing.

Secondly, The Mental Adjustment Program which is aimed at rehabilitating those into hard drugs, we realized these drugs give them the courage and ability to go against the law in one way or the other, give them the zeal to do things which are against the law. This greatly brings insecurity and act of theft in our communities. Rehabilitating these people will help to cut down crime rate in our community and also reduce the number of those who end up in prison.

Thirdly, the Street Children Program which is aimed at removing children from the streets and reconciling them with their families or care homes. Most children found on the streets have a few reasons for doing so, some maybe peer pressure while others stubbornness or bad treatments by their parents or guardians. Its important to note, the is no soft pillow in the street. These children become very exposed to all negative activities in the streets such as child labour, pick pocket and other crime related activities since their minds are still very vulnerable. Most of them grow up to be harden criminals and often end up in the prison.

Fourthly,  The Let Girls Learn Program which is aimed at empowering young girls through formal and informal education which will help them get a better future and avoid the risk of being manipulated, abused or get involved in criminal activities. this will greatly reduce the chance of unwanted pregnancies which lead to abortion and/or increase in dependency ratio, prostitution and girls involvement in criminal activities.

Fifthly, The Ambassador of Hope Program (Volunteerism) is a very important program to OTI as an organization to support and encourage volunteerism, build new skills, raise youth leaders and instill in youths the sense of civic responsibility which will draw the minds of the youths to partake in nation building instead of being idle and be in conflict with the law.

Lastly, The TEAM Program which means together everyone accomplishes more is aimed at collaborative and partnership measure towards sustainable ideas to develop and better our communities, networking, mentorship and encourage entrepreneurship which will go a long way to create more jobs for the youths and/or make them job creators and solution seekers.

All the above programs play a big role to help in controlling and mitigating crimes in Africa. 

We are looking for vibrant and dedicated members who are committed to build a peaceful society through pro active measures and are willing to give everyone a second chance to become better citizens of the world. 

Our activities are vast but not limited and as such, we are opened up for partnership and collaboration with other organizations.

Your kind support or gesture will greatly help in changing lives for the better. We are open for sponsorship of any of our programs and looking forward to help allocate resources for the right course.