We are Changing and impacting lives for the better.

Operation Total Impact (OTI) is a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers working simultaneously with well-trained and talented professionals consumed with burning passion to change lives for the better thus making the world a better place for sustainable growth.

We are working to have in Africa a social justice system where reformation is used to combat violence and insecurity within our communities. Fighting and mitigating crimes through a chain of well designed programs which are interrelated in having a peaceful society.

Our Mission

Controlling and Mitigating Crimes in Africa, thus making the world a better place for sustainable growth.

Our Vision

To have in Africa a sustainable social justice system, a place where transformational education is at the doorstep of all.  A system to mobilize resources to alleviate the suffering of socially disadvantaged people and the equal distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

Our Values

Dignity, Integrity, Honesty, Excellence, Resilience, Punctuality, Volunteerism, Professionalism.

OTI Membership

Operation Total Impact has opened its membership to the general public
If you are interested to become a member with OTI, find the following responsibilities and benefits.

Responsibility and Benefits

  • Attend our annual general assembly meetings
  • Represent and Participate in national and International Meetings
  • Have a Copy of our newsletters and annual reports
  • Have an annual certificate of membership.

Membership Contribution 
Membership Contribution to support events, printing of brochures, T-Shirts, Caps, newsletters and annual reports

  • Nationals: $ 50 (25,000 FRS) Annually.
  • Internationals: $100 (50,000 FRS) Annually.

Bank Information

  • Account Name: Total Impact Africa
  • Account Number:CCA3300453330201
  • IBAN:CCA3300453330201
  • Bank Swift Code:  CCAMCMCY

Contact information
Email: info@totalimpactafrica.org  or  ndaghu@toalimpactafrica.org
Tel: (00237) 675933943, 243789674.